Design / Development

At Bellmont our Design and Development Centre staff work closely with clients’ engineers to support them in regards to tooling, fixtures, assembly methods and the component itself. Our engineers are involved with the product from concept to delivery.

Surface Preparation

Bellmont has developed varied skills over time to handle all manner of substrates from polypropylene and polyurethane (RRIM) to metals and glass..


Bellmont has an automated priming line for substrates requiring a full primer..


Bellmont's state-of-the-art, automated paint line is designed to handle higher volume products. This line can be used for priming, base coat / clear coat, acrylic paints etc. with an in-sequence oven. Bellmont's expertise is in handling larger and more complex parts with the same high quality finish as simpler parts. There are multiple static booths on site for small volume components including a high ceiling booth for very large products, such as truck bodies..


Our engineers design fixtures to customer standards to develop assembly methods that meet complex components requirements..


To ensure our ‘A’ Class finish, our quality staff check every component we paint, ensuring no fine detailing is overlooked..


Bellmont offers a full transport and delivery service. We source materials, produce the completed part, and in line sequence parts on specialized material handling equipment. This ensures customer products arrive on time and in perfect condition..